About Me

I am a second-year CS Graduate student at Fudan University under the guidance of Prof. Zhenying He. Currently, I am engaged in a remote research internship supervised by Prof. Binhang Yuan at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Prior to my internship with Prof. Yuan, I served as a research intern at Nanyang Technological University, where I worked under the mentorship of Prof. Siqiang Luo. I got my bachelor degree from Computer Science Department at Fudan University guided by Prof. Zhenying He for research.

My research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning and data-intensive systems, e.g., leveraging machine learning techniques to accelerate query process in big data systems and employing system method to enhance the efficiency and affordability of large language models.

As I look forward to pursuing a PhD, slated for Fall Intake 2025, I am eager to explore various research topics and opportunities. If you’d like to connect and discuss potential collaborations or research topics, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


  • Oasis: An Optimal Disjoint Segmented Learned Range Filter
    • Guanduo Chen, Zhenying He, Meng Li, Siqiang Luo
    • VLDB 2024 [Code]
  • Gar: A Generate-and-Rank Approach for Natural Language to SQL Translation
    • Y Fan, Z He, T Ren, D Guo, L Chen, R Zhu, G Chen, Y Jing, K Zhang, XS Wang
    • ICDE 2023 [Paper] [Code]

Work Experience

  • Research Intern (In Progress)
    • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2024/03 - Now)
    • Conducting research to accelerate the LLM fine-tuning process.
  • SDE Intern
    • ByteDance (2023/12 - 2024/03)
    • Added support for geometry data type and corresponding geometry primary index in ByteHouse, a cloud-native data warehouse built on ClickHouse.
  • Research Intern
    • Nanyang Technological University (2023/02 - 2023/11)
    • Developed a novel learned range filter to accelerate the range query process in LSM-Tree based data storage systems (Accepted to VLDB’24).